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Big Fibroid operation refused in U.K & Was done successfully laparoscopically in India


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Instructions after Laparoscopy /Hysteroscopy Surgeries

   What patient will expect after Endoscopy?

    # After Hysteroscopy:-
-Patient can have mild menstrual period or blood stained discharge per vagina but don’t consider it as menstrual period.
-Patient can have regular menstrual period according to her date.

     # After Laparoscopy:-
-Heaviness in abdomen
-Mild pain at operative site or in lower abdomen
-Mild right shoulder pain due to the body’s reaction to the carbon dioxide used to         inflate the                  abdomen & it will clear up in a matter of a few days.      

    # As Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy done under anesthesia:-           
-Mild weakness
-Mild sedation
-Feeling sensations like mild vomiting and giddiness, smell of medicines in breath
-Uneasiness in throat or rubbing sensation in throat (Dryness of mouth)
-This entire problems are for a one/two days only, after that patient will feel better

Advise for stitch / dressing    
-Normally laparoscope is inserted in abdomen through umbilicus by a small incision.
-To examine all intraabdomaninal organs or for doing surgeries we put 1, 2 or 3 other small 3 or 5mm incisions.
-There is no need to take stitch on incision but sometimes we have take stitch for 5mm incision, so you have to ask to sister or doctor  whether stitch is their or not.
-These stitch/stitches to be removed after 6 to 8 days.
-For stitch removal you can come at “Bavishi Fertility Hospital” or you can go any other hospitals. After removing a stitch keeps Band-Aid dressing for 1 day. And after 2 days remove dressing by yourself and you can take bath.
-You can take bath after applying polythin on dressing. In case dressing becomes wet you should remove dressing from site and clean and dry and then put fresh Band-Aid dressing on operative site.
-You will be responsible for keeping the dressing intact & clean. You should be alert for signs of infection near the incision-i.e. increased swelling, redness, bleeding or other discharge. If you experience any of such unusual symptoms, you should report them to your doctor right way.
-You may also notice some bruising in the general area of incisions. The discoloration may be extensive, but as with any bruise it should heal on its own.

    Advice for Diet
-2 hours after surgery, you can take sips of water, and than 1 cup of ice cream or cold milk shakes.
-After 4 hours, you can take light diet like all types of liquids, dal-rice, Khichdi, Kadhi, fruits, khakhra, mamra etc.
-On second day onwards all foods (Normal diet) like dal-rice, chapatti, subjies etc can be taken.
-It is better to not to take more spicy, fried or sour and not heavy in digest food for 5 days.
-You can take curd, butter milk, tomatos or lemon etc.

For daily activities:-
    --You can do your regular work from the next day
     -- You can do your job/work after one day except heavy work.
     -- You can do intercourse when mild bleeding like discharge stops.

Before going to home:-
Take your file and understand medicines.
Take your DVD and reports. If you have not understood, you can ask to any Doctor/nurse.
Understand for next visits or follow up
Take your entire thing with you without missing anything.
►Follow-up on DT __________on __________day /or during 2nd to 5th day of menstrual period with appointment.


Warning signals:
If there is excessive pain, excessive bleeding p/v, weakness or any serious complaint forever etc problem then come immediately to us.



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