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Big Fibroid operation refused in U.K & Was done successfully laparoscopically in India


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Counseling Room


Dr. Jigishaben & Dr. Krishnaben will explain in detail about pre-operative counseling and your all quarries as follows:

  1. For Cashless services/ For Medi-claim Facilities

    1. Please bring First Consultation paper, USG Report and Xerox copy of last two years Insurance policy OR TPA I.D.card.
    2. Patient has to sign for pre-hospitalization Request form to their TPA for cashless approval letter 24 hours prior to proposed date of surgery for availing cashless services from our hospital.

  2. Prior Check Up reports :

    1. Previous counseling papers, USG reports, Check Up reports, Laboratory Investigations (Investigations for major/minor operation –Includes : Blood & Urine complete ; Platelet count ; APTT ; Bl.Urea ; Bl.Sugar/FBS&PPBS ; S.electrolyte(S.Na) ; HbSAg ; HIV) ; Special investigations for patient with Medical disorder, T.B. & Infertility.
    2. Drug reaction report or previous surgery/medical reports/ anesthesia records

  3. Previous Consultant’s reference letter :

    1. Complete letter with all investigations and USG reports

  4. Pre-operative work up :

    1. Physian’s pre-operative check up report(If the age is more than 35yrs)
    2. Bowel preparation : For Minor Surgery : Nil by mouth from previous day 10 p.m. ; For Major Surgery : liquid diet for two days, peg lag (1 sachet r dissolved in liter of drinking water and taken either on previous evening or six hours prior to operation till clear stool passed indicate good bowel preparation.
    3. Most of the Laparoscopic/Hysteroscopic surgeries are done from 4th to 10th day of Menstrual cycle(The day she gets her period is considered as her first day of menstrual cycle)
    4. Examination before operation is advised to rule out lower genital infection by doctor.
    5. Blood/PCV should be arranged on previous day if Hb is less.
    6. In doubtful cases second opinion with Color Doppler/CT scanning/MRI should have been done before operation to avoid unknown surprise during operation.
    7. Shaving of local parts and preparation before operation.







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