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Big Fibroid operation refused in U.K & Was done successfully laparoscopically in India


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Facilities at our Hospital:

Jyoti Hospital is committed towards delivering quality women healthcare and ensuring the best outcomes for our patients. Our team of world- class doctors and nurses serve our patients with compassion, respect and human & personalized touch.

Jyoti Hospital offers a choice of rooms catering to each segment of the society

Deluxe Room:

Non-Ac Special Room
Ac Special Room
General Ward

  • Pre-Operative Check List: (Cashless & Mediclaim Facilities)
  • Admission :
  • In The Operating Room :
  • What To Expect After Leaving The Operation Room
  • Discharge From The Hospital
  • For Appointment and Queries, Kindly Contact on the following no's:
  • Consultation by Appointment only

(1)Pre-Operative Check List:

  • For Cashless services/ For Medi-claim Facilities
    • Please bring First Consultation paper; USG Report and Xerox copy of last two years Insurance policy OR TPA I.D.card.
    • Patient has to sign for pre-hospitalization Request form to their TPA for cashless approval letter 24 hours prior to proposed date of surgery for availing cashless services from our hospital.
  • Prior Check Up reports :
    • Previous counseling papers, USG reports, Check Up reports, Laboratory Investigations (Investigations for major/minor operation –Includes : Blood & Urine complete ; Platelet count ; APTT ; Bl.Urea ; Bl.Sugar/FBS&PPBS ; S.electrolyte(S.Na) ; HbSAg ; HIV) ; Special investigations for patient with Medical disorder, T.B. & Infertility.
    • Drug reaction report or previous surgery/medical reports/ anesthesia records
  • Previous Consultant’s reference letter :
    • Complete letter with all investigations and USG reports
  • Pre-operative work up :
    • Physian’s pre-operative check up report(If the age is more than 35yrs)
    • Bowel preparation: For Minor Surgery: Nil by mouth from previous day 10 p.m.; For Major Surgery: liquid diet for two days, peg lag (1 sachet r dissolved in liter of drinking water and taken either on previous evening or six hours prior to operation till clear stool passed indicate good bowel preparation.
    • Most of the Laparoscopic/Hysteroscopic surgeries are done from 4th to 10th day of Menstrual cycle(The day she gets her period is considered as her first day of menstrual cycle)
    • Examination before operation is advised to rule out lower genital infection by doctor.
    • Blood/PCV should be arranged on previous day if Hb is less.
    • In doubtful cases second opinion with Color Doppler/CT scanning/MRI should have been done before operation to avoid unknown surprise during operation.
    • Shaving of local parts and preparation before operation.

(2) Admission:

  • Patients are admitted to the hospital in the morning at 7 to 8 am on the day of surgery. After arriving please contact the Doctor/receptionist who will direct you to your designated room. Out station patients are requested on previous day of the surgery for completing the pre-operative work up.
  • The whole of the lower abdomen in which operation is to be done, is prepared, smeared with povidone-iodine paint. The patient has to be nil by mouth till operation starts. Some sedatives may be prescribed if the patient is too anxious.
  • The anesthesiologist, Dr Rashmin Panagar will see you there and discuss anesthetic options and risks. He will discuss the advantages of general anesthesia. He will examine preoperative check up reports & you for explaining your associated medical problem. The recovery is smoother

(3) In the Operating Room:

  • The Operating room is having the state of the art Endoscopy set up with anesthesia trolley and multipara monitoring device( Constantly monitors pulse,NIBP,EtCO2, O2, ECG & temp. during operation) Uncomplicated cases (Diagnostic Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy) usually take 15-20 minutes of operating time.
  • For most of the major surgery usually take 60 to 90 minutes of operating time. Advanced Laparoscopic surgery takes 120 to 150 Minutes of operating time. Complicated case may some time take more time. As CO2 gas is used to inflate the abdomen to create working space while doing laparoscopic surgery, Multipara monitoring of the patient is mandatory during operation.
  • Patient remains in the operation theatre 10 minutes before, for anesthetic induction, and 10-20 minutes after operation for recovery...
  • Only after patient is anesthetized, she is given lithotomy position. (Patient will not feel any pain or discomfort during operation)
  • After the operation is over small 2/3/4 ports are closed with absorbable suture material and dressings(band aid) kept at operative sites(0.5 cms size)
  • After the patient is fully recovered from anesthesia is shifted in recovery room.
  • From here, the patient is directly shifted to his room


  • The patient would be semi-conscious and awake (responding to oral command). There would be little pain.
  • Patient may feel nausea or vomiting sensations and we may require giving injections for the same.
  • Orally started after 4 to 6 hours as follows; Sips of water and then ice cream on the same day of operation. She can go to home on the same day after majority of the operations (DAY CARE SURGERY). Patient is discharged after 24 hours after advanced laparoscopic surgery. Usually patient passes flatus & urine 4-6 hours after operation.
  • Analgesic drugs & antibiotics given for 5-7 days. Intravenous antibiotics given during operation and later on we switch over to oral antibiotics.
  • She can start normal physical activity 6-8 hours after most of the laparoscopic surgeries. For advanced laparoscopic surgeries she can start normal activities after 24 hours.
    • The patient is usually discharged on the same day.
    • Patient takes oral antibiotics and analgesics as required.
    • Patient will need a help for a few hours after operation. Thereafter, patient walks without the help after 24 hours.
    • Patient can go home in a car. Patient usually does not require constant assistance in his activities of daily routine.

Television is provided by Jyoti Hospitals, in all private rooms. On arrival, you may please ask your attendant to operate the television in the manner you desire. To ensure good quality reception, please refrain from tampering with the television, but for assistance call maintenance at extension 30. Please permit a response time of 20 minutes.
To maintain hygienic conditions, your room will be cleaned daily between 7.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.
Should you require a second cleaning please inform the housekeeping supervisor at extension 30 or ask your nurse for assistance, she will gladly help you.

Preventive maintenance of all equipment in the room is routinely and thoroughly done before admission of a new patient. To further ensure continued patient comfort, the staff of the customer care and maintenance departments make daily room rounds During these rounds, various equipments, facilities in the room are checked and if, necessary serviced. If you need any assistance regarding the television, air-conditioning, power points, nurses call system, music system, plumbing or telephone in your room, call extension 30. Please allow a response time of 20 minutes.
All mail, fax messages and packages will be delivered to' you by hospital staff during non-visiting hours, only when you are in the ward and not in the Intensive Care Units.
Mail received after you have been discharged will be forwarded to you, if forwarding instructions are given to the Reception personnel. Flowers are not allowed in your room to avoid allergic reactions. 

In our constant endeavor to improve services rendered, custom care personnel will visit you everyday. Any service concerns or inconvenience that may be affecting your stay may please be brought to their attention so that remedial actions can be taken immediately. 
(7) For Appointment and Queries, Kindly Contact on the following no's:
Phone: 91-79-26731759;
Mobile: 9824450916
Fax    : 91-79 –26766491
(8) Consultation by Appointment only
Dr.Jigishaben Patel: 9925023304
Dr.Krishnaben: 9898111410
Dr.Pragnesh Shah: 9824050916
Dr.Parulben Shah: 9824450916


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