Dr. Parul Shah
  1. 4th in 10th  SSC Board in all Gujarat
  2. 1st in 12th HSC Board in all Gujarat
  3. Gold medals in 1st,2nd & 3rd M.B.B.S
  4. Prize Medals in M.D. in Obs. & Gyn.
  • Superb 20 year track record in Gynaec consultation with expertise and excellence in varied Gynaec Endoscopic Surgeries
  • Hosted several camps and exhibitions about womens’ health care and preventive education.
  • Served  as Asst. prof. in Karamsad Medical collage and Hon. Asst. Prof. in N.H.L.Muncipal Medical collage & V.S.Hospital and other prominent Trust Hospitals.
  • Authored series of articles in local magazines and acclaimed presentations at state & national level conferences.
  • Regularly invited by womens’ organizations, valuable institutions and worthy cause promoters for total healthcare problems and solutions.
  • Highly sought after speaker and consultant on Gynaec Endoscopic surgeries and on latest developments in therapeutic measures.
  • Preferred consultant for both complex surgical solutions and for systematic medical education


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