• Shorter hospital stay
  • Earlier return to routine work
  • Cosmetically very small scars
  • Less pain after operation
  • Best fertility enhancement & Fertility results following Laparoscopy-Hysteroscopy
  • Video-live operative file available in CD/DVD for future reference (Transparency about surgical procedure)
  • Possibility of post-operative adhesion formation is less, so possibility of pain because of post-operative adhesions is also less
  • Pre-operative blood investigations for Surgery (Blood complete, HbsAg, HIV, LFT, RFT, PT/INR, RBS, blood group, urine routine-micro)
  • Physician fitness (with ECG) for surgery by M.D. Physician
  • Covid 19 RT-PCR test (current scenario)
  • Pre-operative counselling
  • Previous day liquid diet, bowel preparation as per our advice
  • Preparation of local parts
  • Admission on same day with minimum 6 hours of NBM (Nothing taken orally)
  • Specific Investigations for Infertility (Endocrine, Blood, Genetic, Husband’s Semen report etc. If The couple is infertile)
  • One umbilical(1cm)
  • Two to three lateral(5mm)
  • Variable according to indication / procedure
  • Varies from 15 minutes to 3-4 hours
  • Negligible
  • Orally started after 4-6 hours of surgery
  • Resume to normal diet next day
  • Walking allowed within 10-12 hours of surgery
  • No long-term rest required, resuming back to normal routine within 2-3 days
  • Discharge within 24 – 30 hours
  • Same day discharge
  • Patient goes home walking on her own

Operations are always subject to medical and surgical conditions of the individual patient

These are basic guidelines for majority of the Endoscopic surgeries

Mediclaim Facilities Available

Dr. Pragnesh

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Why & When Diagnostic Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgery & Infertility

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